lateral thinker.

Focused, experienced , enthusiastic.


Industry, trade , cities and communes, tourism .


lectures, workshops, seminars..., all this is nothing, if afterwards we are not more agitated than before. Ask questions to.

Don't go on the stage, if you have nothing to say.

To give lectures, to moderate panel discussions or to take part, give workshops, write books or to develop corporate strategies with entrepreneurs - to be honest, it's always the encounters with people that fascinate me. Of course it comes to content and context. However, our brain develops new findings only by irritation.
That's why I love the challenge, because it makes our thinking more ​​dynamic.



• 1954 born in Stuttgart
• grown up in Tuttlingen
• General Certificate of Education in Gaienhofen
• Studies in Freiburg : educational psychology , German literature and art education
• Founder and managing partner of GRUPPE DREI® GmbH
• Honorary professor at Furtwangen University since 1994
• Founder and president of the Marketing-Club Schwarzwald-Baar e.V. since 2006
• Counselor of the faculty Product Engineering at Furtwangen University since 2006
• Speaker and moderator for marketing, communication and future issues
• Journalist and author for industrial and location marketing promotion

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Alone I write stories . With my wife I write wonderful stories.

- "SALE - or how to not sold you OFF". A distribution and sales breviary based on Neuro Selling, 2012.

- "Feminine locations". A guide to the rescue of towns and cities, 2013.

-„Who turns out the light?“ A guide to active measures strategy in inner cities, 2016



Emphases are consumer psychology, neuroscience and neuromarketing Selling, Semionomie®, socio-demographics, target group and milieu research, spirit of the age and trends, and strategic marketing.
In lectures, speeches, presentations, workshops and as a keynote speaker I convince by rhetoric and didactic strength and basically free speech. My lectures are structured clearly, plausible and funny. I say yes or no, you rarely hear maybe.

Lecture "If we make decisions with our stomach, what do we actually do with our brain?"
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the "allsafe JUNGFALK GmbH GmbH & Co. KG" in Engen.

Doderer in action:
Lecture , workshops and presentations during an association meeting.

ABK Open 2017
Exhibition for bed linen and household textiles